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Alex Band - Lead vocals, guitar (on some songs), songwriting
Aaron Kamin - Guitar, songwriting

Current touring band:
Justion D’Errico (Chops) - Guitar
Daniel Damico (Arms) - Guitar
Corey Britz - Bass
Justin Meyer - Drums

Sean Woolstenhulme - Guitar
Billy Mohler - Bass
Nate Wood - Drums
Dino Meneghin - Guitar
Vee - Bass

Band biography:
The beginning of The Calling was back in 1996, when Aaron dated Alex’ older sister Taryn.
Meanwhile he spotted Alex’ guitar and asked her, if he was good. He was, but Alex was only 15 (4 years younger than Aaron), which deterred Aaron a little bit at first. But when he heard Alex playing and singing, he knew that he had never met somebody with such a talent before. So they spent a lot of time writing together, which caused trouble between Aaron and Taryn, because she made him choose between her and her brother (today they are friends, no worries…).
I think you can guess Aaron’s answer when you know, that Alex and Aaron started their first band, Generation Gap, soon after that. With their 40 year old bass-player and 58 year old drummer (the reason for the band name) they performed in nearly every club in south California.
When Ron Fair, the boss of RCA (part of BMG), moved in next to Alex, they started dropping demo-tapes in his mailbox everyday until he signed them. Although they finally had a record deal, Alex dropped out of school and Aaron stopped studying, it took many years until they were allowed to record an album.
In the end the older band members quitted the band and Alex and Aaron concentrated on song writing again, creating about 100 songs.
When they set up a new band, Next Door, with a few friends, somebody at Disney got to hear one of their demo-tapes and liked Wherever You Will Go that much, that he decided to use it in a movie called Coyote Ugly. So the band performed the song in that movie, which was their first big success. 
In 2000 Alex and Aaron finally got the permission to start recording their first album, Camino Palmero (named after the street, where Alex lived, when they met Ron Fair and got their record deal; Camino Palmero=street of palms), at Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, CA.
After that the boys met Sean Woolstenhulme (guitar), Billy Mohler (bass) and Nate Wood (drums) and wanted them so bad in the band, that they re-recorded the three songs Nothing’s Changed, Things Don’t Always Turn Out That Way and Final Answer from Camino Palmero.
All that was still missing was a good band name, which was found, when Aaron said in a fight with RCA, that it was their calling to play music and that they’ll never stop writing songs! So what about the name The Calling?
The next years The Calling spent touring and travelling the world until Sean left the band on 16th June 2002 to join the band Lifehouse, where his brother Ricky plays the drums. As a substitute the contract musician Dino Meneghin joined The Calling.
But unfortunately Billy and Nate decided to quit The Calling on 31th October 2002 as well and even sued Alex and Aaron and their management for fraud and mismanagement and asking for an accounting of funds during the time, that they spent in the band. Because of that breach of trust Alex and Aaron decided, that the future of The Calling will rest in their hands from now only.
The boys played the next Brazil Tour in 2003 with Justin Meyers (drums), an old friend of Aaron from Kindergarten, and Kaveh (bass) and found a new tour manager in Sacha Bambadji, another old friend of Aaron.
Most of 2003 and 2004 Alex & Aaron spent recording their second album, Two (because it’s their second record and they are two band members), which was released in summer 2004.
Allas, Aaron decided to leave the visual and touring side of the band to stay at home and do, what he loves the most: song writing and producing.
So Alex started their 2004 Two Tour alone with the new band members Justion D’Errico callec Chops (guitar), Corey Britz (keys), Daniel Damico called Arms (guitar), Justin Meyer, who became their official drummer, and Vee (bass), who had to leave the band soon after, because he had problems with his visa.
To be continued...

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